Wednesday 2 March 2016

SumRando Cybersecurity Has Relocated to Mauritius

SumRando Cybersecurity, Mauritius, VPN, Secure Messenger, SumRando UpdatesIf you thought our Leap Day special was this week's big news, wait until you hear this: Five years after launching and following careful consideration, SumRando has re-headquartered in Mauritius.

As of March 2016, SumRando will be serving your cybersecurity needs from the African island nation of Mauritius. Recently, Mauritius has been recognized as Africa’s only "full democracy" as well as its “most peaceful country.” A former home to Dutch, French, and then British colonials (and at one point some pirates), Mauritius is now an independent economic force to be reckoned with and has a clear vision for its role as a player in the cyber community:

  • Implementing a “Smart Mauritius” Initiative: In addition to building a second Cyber City, Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, the minister of Technology, Communication and Innovation, is committed to a Mauritian future that emphasises internet and communication technology (ICT) innovation. By developing realistic policies that enshrine data integrity, Mauritius will serve as a cyber-hub for Africa and a standard bearer for responsible privacy practices.
  • Mauritius' Data Protection Act of 2004 = NO requirement to log your activity: In Mauritius, as with SumRando, your data is sacred. 

In 2011, SumRando was proud to call Cape Town, South Africa home, but recently we have witnessed this once-friendly jurisdiction change in response to overzealous and uninformed legislators at the helm. Our concerns include:

  • South Africa’s proposed Cyber-crimes and Cybersecurity Bill, which has been widely-criticized for its infringements of the rights to privacy and free expression. Its dangerously broad and vague language only serves to enhance the state’s surveillance powers.
  • The Protection of Personal Information (PoPI) Act of 2013, which was intended to herald in stronger, stricter personal privacy protections. It proposed regulations that would protect personal data and how it would be processed, stored, secured and destroyed; however, even three years later, it has yet to be fully enacted.

At SumRando, we are committed to providing our users with secure, reliable services and we are confident that our decision to relocate to Mauritius will enable us to continue to do so. You can expect to receive the same access to our VPN, Secure Messenger and Web Proxy services that you always have.

The one change you will notice is in our prices—we’ve lowered them. Our newfound savings in operating costs will translate to:

  • SumRando Gold (10GB/month) for $5 USD/month (was $10 USD/month)
  • SumRando Platinum (unlimited data) for $10 USD/month (was $20 USD/month)

Expect further updates as we continue to settle into our new home in Mauritius. In the meantime, feel free to contact us at with any questions, concerns or feedback. Thank you, Randos, for your support. It means the world to us.

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