Thursday 7 November 2013

SumRando Scares Up Some New Plans

The SumRando ghost has been hard at work scaring up some extra cyberspace and we are pleased to announce our brand new plans.

New Plans 
 FREE - No one’s left out in the rain: 1GB of data for Free!        
SumRando Gold - 10GB for 100 South African Rand (approximately 7 Euro).   
SumRando Platinum - UNLIMITED data for only 200 Rand (approximately 15 Euro).

 As always, all of the SumRando plans include:
  • Access to nodes in Sweden, New York, Hong Kong, Brazil and Turkey
  • High Level Encryption
  • Absolutely No Logging

Our new SumRando plans are available now. And as a thank you for keeping up to date on cyber news on our blog, we are offering you 25% off the plan of your choice! Click here to create a new account account or upgrade and enter the coupon code PRIVATEPARTS.