Monday 6 January 2014

New Year, New Node, New Contest

Happy 2014! Congratulations to our winners! This contest is now closed.

Everyone was very excited to get Hong Kong up to speed, but it's a new year and our users deserve something NEW.

How about a new, exciting location for you to connect to? How about a free premium account? How about you have to work for it?

If you can guess the next SumRando location you can win:

First 7 users get a free year at Platinum

Next 7 get a free year at Gold

Email your educated guess to contest(at)

Here's a hint: spicy crustaceans
Answer: Chili Crab--->Singapore!

Friday 3 January 2014

Zip! SumRando Upgrade in HKSAR

Hong Kong, key points in time:

214 BC- Emperor Qin Shi Huang incorporates what is present-day Hong Kong into China

1842-The British take over

1997-The British get the boot

2014- SumRando upgrades Hong Kong servers

We are already a couple of days into the New Year and to celebrate we have upgraded our Hong Kong location to 5 times the speed! Users can now connect to a more reliable and speedier spot starting later today.

We have made a point of helping our users connect from around the world and our Hong Kong location is a favorite connection point for SumRandos in Asia and Australia.

So, join in the fun and stay secure and private this New Year!

-The SumRando Team