Wednesday 23 September 2020

Farewell, friends

Howzit SumRandos!

Together we have been on a journey to live online, but under the radar. Starting in South Africa, we ducked cyber sharks and looked for a safe harbour to surf the internet without having someone looking over our shoulder. In Mauritius we decided to live the island life and imagine a world where dodgy folk weren’t spear-phishing our good times. Now, nine years later, it is time we part ways.

SumRando (Mauritius) Ltd has made the decision to discontinue its consumer VPN and chat application offerings. My team has always had your back and it has been an honour to safeguard your online presences as you went about your day-to-day. I am confident that the lessons we have learned together, prepared us to venture forth and stay safe and secure, to treat uncensored, private internet access as the human rights that .

As we approach Halloween, my favourite holiday, I want to give you notice and time to choose a new provider as your go-to VPN—someone you trust. SumRando will officially go dark on the 1st of October. While we could have partnered with a different provider, we have made the decision to allow you to research and choose your own provider. Your SumRando account information will cease to exist and, as you know, there are no traces to sweep up.

I know this is not welcome news, but I believe there are a handful of reputable providers who will also treat your privacy as paramount. There are others who, given the chance, will safeguard your online identities and prioritise integrity over profits.

With that, put on your cyber masks, be safe and live life like just Sum Rando.


Jonathan de Wolff
CEO, SumRando 

*Note, if you are a Platinum user, we will be refunding transactions processed August 1st or later and terminating recurring payments. Additional questions? Please