Monday 20 April 2015

SumRando Expands to Jordan

Where in the world is SumRando these days? In addition to hosting servers in Sweden, New York, Brazil, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Turkey, we have just added a 7th node: Jordan. This expansion gives those of you in the Middle East an even faster connection and those of you outside the Middle East access to content as if you were there.

Jordan’s recent efforts to strengthen cybersecurity make it a logical choice for SumRando. In late 2014, the Jordanian Ministry of Information and Communications Technology announced plans to open a cybercrime center in Amman and also began to explore aligning its cybercrime laws with the Council of Europe’s Budapest Convention. We are excited to offer a node in Jordan amidst this recent momentum towards protecting privacy and preventing cyberattacks.

As with all of our servers, the hardware used in Jordan is 100% owned, operated, and maintained by SumRando, which means that in addition to employing high level encryption standards, we are able to ensure a trusted and secure VPN service. No one else uses our connections or circuits, allowing us to enforce strict security policies and prevent third party interference, access and data snooping, regardless of direct or indirect attempts to intercept data.

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