Monday 19 October 2015

Egypt’s Parliamentary Elections: Your News or Ours?

Egyptians currently have the opportunity to vote on something they have not had since 2012: a new parliament. Although at least one local report suggests a “smooth election,” the majority of sources worldwide have implied it has been anything but.

The state-controlled Egyptian newspaper Ahram Online reported:
Egypt, Al-Sisi, election, parliamentary election, Ahram Online
[Source: Ahram Online/AP]

while independent Egyptian news source Madamasr countered:
Egypt, Madamasr, election, Al-Sisi, parliamentary election, turnout, violations, Salafi, Alexandria
[Source: Madamasr]

Beyond Egypt, Reuters spread the word about low turnout, but tailored each story to its audience. The international news agency broadcast:

Which looked different in the United States:
Reuters, U.S., Egypt, Al-Sisi, election, parliamentary election, voter turnout
[Source: Reuters U.S.]

Than it did in Jordan:
Reuters, Jordan Times, Egypt, Al-Sisi, elections, parliamentary elections, voter turnout, elderly
[Source: Reuters Arabic via The Jordan Times]

Or Brasil, where image-less words were left to speak for themselves:

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