Sunday 29 January 2017

SumRando Statement on US Refugee Ban

Mapou, Mauritius-  International privacy advocate and Virtual Private Network (VPN) provider, SumRando, reiterated its commitment to offering assistance to people living under oppressive conditions in the wake of U.S. president Donald Trump's decision to ban 134,000,000 people from entering the United States. SumRando’s CEO, Jonathan de Wolff, released the following statement:

“SumRando was founded on the principle that privacy is a fundamental human right. Any effort to prevent marginalized groups from seeking recourse, either through online tools or safe harbour as a refugee, is a step backwards and worrying in a landscape with fewer and fewer options. Turning one's back on people in need is a surefire way to embolden the autocratic regimes they are attempting to flee. If people cannot seek refuge in the United States, generally seen as a beacon for freedom and a leader in human rights for the world, millions of people will suffer.”

"Providing safe access to the internet is one small, but critical way we can assist people in such environments, allowing them to access vital information, organize human rights efforts, and communicate with loved ones. At this time, we ask that those who are willing and able to show their support, to sign up for a year-long subscription to SumRando VPN. In so doing, we can continue to provide safe internet access to those living in affected regions. You can sign up here.

We thank you in advance for your conscientiousness and willingness to promote a free and democratic internet for everyone."

SumRando, based out of Mauritius, provides safe internet access to hundreds of thousands of people in emerging economies around the world, including many who fear for their lives as they live under the threat of terrorism, war, and systematic oppression.

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