Monday 16 January 2017

Digital Divide: Emerging Economy Cyber Alerts - January 16, 2017

Research and Initiatives
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Nigeria cybercrime VPN

The Nigerian government is unprepared for cybercrime in 2017, reports the Cyber Security Experts Association of Nigeria (CSEAN). Concerns for the coming year include CEO email scams, ransomware, assisted online kidnapping, cyber bullying and impersonation.

China cybersecurity VPN 

Top cybersecurity officials in China have pledged their loyalty to President Xi Jinping’s leadership. Priorities for 2017 include cleaning up cyberspace, strengthening cybersecurity, promoting IT and creating tighter overall internet controls for China

Looking Back
a new glimpse at past alerts

Thailand cybercrime VPN

December’s cyberattacks against the Thai government in response to an unfavorable computer crime law amendment have now been met with a response of its own: Thailand’s government has begun to recruit civilian “cyber warriors” to protect against future attacks. 

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