Monday 9 January 2017

Emerging Economy Cyber Alerts - January 9, 2017

Research and Initiatives
making your world a more cybersecure place

Brazilian flag and map

Comando de Defesa Cibernetica (ComDCiber), has been approved by the Brazilian Army as the country’s new cyber defense command. ComDCiber is tasked with protecting Brazil’s online infrastructure.

Turkish flag and map 

The Turkish government has plans to recruit hundreds of cybersecurity professionals from universities. In 2016 alone, Turkey experienced 90 million cyberattacks.

Indian flag and map

Ravi Shankar Prasad, minister of telecom, IT and law for India, has asked Google to support the country’s cybersecurity efforts: “I want Google to be involved in a more meaningful way. The more digital India becomes, there would be challenges. I would appeal to Google to work more to ensure digital security.”

the threats we all face

Bangladeshi flag and map 

Last February’s theft of $81 million from Bangladesh’s central bank is now thought to have been an inside job. Bangladesh Police Deputy Inspector General, Mohammad Shah Alam, believes bank IT technicians created the conditions that provided access to hackers. 

Make 2017 Your Most Cybersecure Year Yet

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