Friday 9 December 2016

Emerging Economy Cyber Alerts - December 9, 2016

Research and Initiatives
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Qatari flag and map 

India and Qatar have agreed on five pacts, which include joint efforts in cybersecurity, money laundering and terrorist financing. The agreements are seen as adding “an important dimension of bilateral technical cooperation in cyberspace and combating cybercrime to the existing framework." 
Ghanaian flag and map 

Microsoft’s Angela Ng’ang’a has announced that the company will strengthen its efforts to support Ghana in fighting cybercrime. Ng’ang’a believes all stakeholders must contribute to information sharing, awareness creation and capacity building.

Malaysian flag and map

Together, the Malaysian Digital Economic Corporation (MDEC) and Protection Group International (PGI) have laid plans to establish a Malaysian cybersecurity academy. PGI CEO Barry Roche acknowledged that, “up to 2 million cybersecurity jobs will be unfilled by 2019 unless there is a steep change in the numbers of new people entering the cyber security profession.” 

the threats we all face

Saudi flag and map

A recent disc-wiping cyberattack of Saudi government computers has been linked to a version of the Shamoon virus that also destroyed tens of thousands of Middle Eastern energy firm computers in 2012. “Why Shamoon has suddenly returned again after four years is unknown. However, with its highly destructive payload, it is clear that the attackers want their targets to sit up and take notice,” reported Symantec.

Looking Back
a new glimpse at past alerts

German flag and map 

Reports of Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service working to crack WhatsApp and Telegram encryption has been met with disbelief: “Mathematically speaking, I see no chance at all: neither for the NSA, nor for the German intelligence, nor for any other security agency,” reported computer scientist Dr. Hannes Federrath. 

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