Thursday 8 December 2016

SumTips: 6 Reasons the Internet Is Unkind to Indian Women

Indian flag and mapCyber VAW (violence against women) threatens women daily in India, concludes a recent study by Japleen Pasricha, founder and director of Feminism in The report, “Violence” Online In India: Cybercrimes Against Women & Minorities on Social Media offers statistics not to be overlooked:

1.    Women in India frequently block or ignore their online harassers rather than report their unwanted behaviors, despite the creation of a Cyber Crime Prevention against Women and Children (CCPWC) portal for this very purpose.

2.    Of the 500 women surveyed, 36% of those who were harassed online did nothing in response. 28% merely reduced their online presence.

3.    30% were unaware that laws existed to protect them.

4.    38% of those who reported online harassment found the legal response to be “not at all helpful.”

5.    15% of respondents reported experiencing depression, stress, insomnia or other mental health issues in response to online harassment.

6.    Specific incidences include:
  • A writer, poet and activist threatened with acid attacks and gang rape for tweeting about a Hyderabad beef-eating festival.
  • An activist harassed during an online discussion about violence against women; she later left the conversation.
  • A journalist and author also known as “India’s most trolled woman.” Her decision to publish an account of her childhood sexual abuse has been met with criticisms including the label “antinational.”

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