Thursday 17 November 2016

Emerging Economy Cyber Alerts - November 17, 2016

Research and Initiatives
making the world a more cybersecure place

American flag and map 

Android 7 users: beware of brute-force unlocking. American developer Ethan “Dees Troy” Yonker found a security-compromising encryption password file that is saved on the device.

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The East African Community—Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda—is looking to build a cyber and forensics intelligence center in order to confront cross-border cybercrime. “We need to promote and strengthen cooperation and innovation,” said Rwanda’s inspector general of police, Emmanuel Gasana.

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A memorandum of agreement has been signed by Cybersecurity Malaysia and Korea’s Internet & Security Agency (KISA). The two agencies agree to collaborate on and share knowledge of cybersecurity incidents.

the threats we all face

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Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks have hit Russia's Sberbank and Alfa Bank. "The attacks were organized using botnets spread over tens of thousands of computers located in a number of different countries," reported Sberbank; the source of the attacks remains unknown.

Looking Back
a new glimpse at past alerts

Chinese flag and map

Despite Chinese claims otherwise, the international community continues to express concerns regarding the country’s new cybersecurity bill. “If online speech and privacy are a bellwether of Beijing’s attitude toward peaceful criticism, everyone—including netizens in China and major international corporations—is now at risk,” continued Sophie Richardson of Human Rights Watch.

Liberian flag and map

Liberia’s information minister, Eugene Nagbe, clarified that a recent cyberattack had disrupted 60% of the country’s internet infrastructure, markedly less than previous reports of 100%, but nonetheless in need of attention and action: “The scale of the attack tells us that this is a matter of grave concern, not just to Liberia but to the global community that is connected to the internet. We are actively pursuing the option of seeking assistance from friendly countries like the US and Great Britain.”

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