Thursday 10 November 2016

Emerging Economy Cyber Alerts - November 10, 2016

their legislation today could be yours tomorrow

Egyptian flag and map

At Egypt’s 5th Regional Cybersecurity Summit Yasser ElKady, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, shared government plans to initiate an electronic signature and informatics crime law, a cybersecurity law and a decree to form a supreme council of cybersecurity. “Cyberattacks pose as grave a threat as terrorism,” explained ElKady.

Chinese flag and map 
China has a new cybersecurity law that will restrict the role of foreign technology companies and further censor the country’s internet. Responded Human Rights Watch’s Sophie Richardson, “Despite widespread international concern from corporations and rights advocates for more than a year, Chinese authorities pressed ahead with this restrictive law without making meaningful changes.”

Privacy, Surveillance and Censorship
government isn't always on your side

Turkish flag and map

Turkey has taken censorship to a whole new level. Last week the country blocked Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites—and then prevented access to circumvention tools such as Tor and several Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) as well.

Indian flag and map 

India is in the process of purchasing technology that will enable it to unlock hard-to-crack iPhone encryption. India’s Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) predicts it will become a resource for foreign governments in search of decryption support.

the threats we all face

Liberian flag and map

In what is thought to be practice for a larger upcoming attack, a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack sent all of Liberia’s internet offline last week, marking the first time a DDoS attack has disrupted an entire country’s internet.

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