Thursday 20 October 2016

Digital Divide: Emerging Economy Cyber Alerts - October 20, 2016

their legislation today could be yours tomorrow

Qatari flag and map

Assistant Undersecretary of the Cyber Security Sector Eng. Khalid Al Hashmi recently announced Qatar’s draft Information Privacy Protection Law would be enacted before the end of 2016. The law purports to protect personal data rights as well as personal information collected electronically or otherwise.

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Allan Cabanlong, Executive Director of the Philippines’ Cybercrime Investigation and Coordination Center (CICC), recently announced that a four-prong cyber strategy will begin in December; it will strive to protect infrastructure, government, business and individuals.

American flag and map

United States-based international digital rights group the Electronic Frontier Foundation has updated its Surveillance Self-Defense guide to include further concerns about the security of WhatsApp. Vulnerabilities include unencrypted message backups, hidden key change notifications, utilization of a web interface rather than extensions and data sharing with Facebook.

Singaporean flag and map 

Last week’s inaugural Singapore International Cyber Week (SICW) included the ASEAN Ministerial Conference on Cybersecurity (AMCC). The conference was chaired by Dr. Yaacob Ibrahim, Singapore’s Minister for Communications and Information and Minister-in-Charge of Cybersecurity, and served as the launch of Singapore’s national cybersecurity strategy.

Kenyan flag and map 

Kenya now has a Cyber Coordination Centre. Explained Kenyan Communication Authority (CA) chairman Ngene Gituku, “[The] Cyber Coordination Centre is aimed at curbing increasing threats posed by cyber-criminals in the country and the region at large which require both institutions and individuals to take all necessary measures to safeguard themselves.” The Centre will promote collaboration at the local, national and international levels.

Indonesian flag and map 

Indonesian Chief Security Minister Wiranto recently announced his intention to create a National Cyber Agency. Wiranto also acknowledged, “Cybercrime is related to security and defense in e-commerce. We will soon have e-voting. If the e-voting system is hacked, the data would be destroyed, so we have to safeguard it.”

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