Wednesday 27 July 2016

SumTips: 10 Statements Worth Repeating from RSA Conference 2016 APJ

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RSA’s 4th annual Asia Pacific & Japan Conference took place from July 20th to 22nd in Singapore – and with it came a bleak portrait of cybersecurity today. A series of keynote addresses reinforced what we already know, that it is indeed a hacker’s world:

from K Shanmugam, Minister for Home Affairs & Minister for Law, Singapore:
1.    “[In the UK], the number of crimes committed through the internet has exceeded the crimes committed in the physical space. For us [in Singapore], in the last year, the number of crimes committed under the Computer Misuse Act has increased by 40% over the previous year.”

from Glenn Gunara-Chen, Executive Director, Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services, EY:
2.    According to the EY Global Information Security Survey 2015, 23% of respondents open phishing emails and 11% click on attachments.

3.    “The common denominator across the top four breach patterns [phishing & crimeware, physical theft/loss, misuse of privileges and miscellaneous errors]—accounting for nearly 90% of all incidents—is people.”

4.    “Cybercrime is the new normal.”

from Chris Carlson, Vice President of Product Management, Qualys:
5.    “In January of this year, there was only one recorded case of ransomware in Singapore. In March, 155. And it’s increasing.”
from Fang Chao, Director of Alibaba JAQ Security, Alibaba Inc.:
6.    “95% of popular mobile apps have counterfeiting apps.”
from Amit Yoran, RCA President:
7.    “$75 billion USD were spent in cybersecurity in 2015 alone.”

8.    “70% of organizations in [Asia-Pacific/Japan] report that they’ve been successfully compromised by an intrusion in the last 12 months—and I’m willing to bet that many of the remainder aren’t able to detect the fact that they’ve become victims.”

9.    “56% of companies say that it’s unlikely or highly unlikely that they’d be able to detect a sophisticated attack.”

10.    “Tools alone won’t win the battle for us. We need super smart, creative humans.”

Be aware, surf secure and stay Rando!

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