Friday 5 February 2016

Lunar New Year: Your News or Ours?

Much of Asia and the world will celebrate Lunar New Year on Monday, February 8. What will vary from place to place is how the media chooses to depict the holiday:

From our Hong Kong server, the South China Morning Post reported on the pressures Lunar New Year brings to have a significant other—and how far individuals will go to manufacture one:
Hong Kong, VPN, Your News or Ours?, SumRando Cybersecurity
[Source: A Secret Between Us]

In Singapore, the Straits Times focused its attention on a pre-New Year ritual involving money:
Singapore, VPN, SumRando Cybersecurity, Your News or Ours?
[Source: ST/Neo Xiaobin]

And in the United States, Reuters took advantage of the opportunity to highlight the politics behind the Pope’s Lunar New Year well-wishes:
Reuters, United States, VPN, SumRando Cybersecurity, Your News or Ours?
[Source: Reuters/Max Rossi]

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