Monday 14 September 2015

Syrian Migrant Crisis: Your News or Ours?

Hundreds of thousands of migrants are currently leaving war-torn Syria, as well as Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iraq, Kosovo and Nigeria, in search of greater stability elsewhere. Reports of the event are everywhere, but each news source has its own story to tell.

As Brazil News.Net shared:

Your News or Ours?, Brazil, migrant crisis, Syria, Germany, France
[Source: Brazil News.Net]

 and the Jordan Times reported:
Your News or Ours?, Jordan, Europe, Hungary, EU, migrant crisis
[Source: The Jordan Times]

Singapore’s the Straits Times announced:

Your News or Ours?, Singapore, Eastern Europe, migrant crisis, Syria
[Source: The Straits Times]
while in Turkey, the Hurriyet Daily News reported:

Your News or Ours?, Turkey, Syria, migrant crisis
[Source: The Hurriyet Daily News]

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