Monday 31 August 2015

Venezuela Border Crisis: Your News or Ours?

When we heard that a recent border closing had motivated thousands of immigrants—many of whom were legal and naturalized—to flee Venezuela for their native Colombia, we decided to use SumRando Cybersecurity’s VPN to see if the story shifted based on who was doing the telling. The results are in:

On August 27, as Venezuela's pro-government, investment firm-owned El Universal reported: 
Venezuela llama a consultas a su embajador en Colombia 
Venezuela Recalls Embassador to Colombia for Consultation
El Universal, Venezuela, Colombia, border crisis, immigration, Maduro
[Source: El Universal]

and Venezuela’s independent news outlet TalCual reported:
Maduro también llama a consultas a embajador venezolano en Colombia
  Maduro Recalls Venezuelan Embassador to Colombia for Consultation
TalCual, Venezuela, Colombia, border crisis, immigration
[Source: TalCual]

from our New York node, the New York Times reported:
New York Times, Venezuela, Colombia, immigration, border crisis
[Source: The New York Times]

and from our Sweden node, Dagens Nyheter reported:
Undantagstillstånd vid gränsen mot Colombia
A State of Emergency on the Border with Colombia
Dagens Nyheter, Colombia, Venezuela, border crisis, immigration
[Source: Dagens Nyheter]

The news you receive depends on where your internet service provider believes your computer is. See for yourself with our nodes in Brazil, Hong Kong, Jordan, New York, Singapore, Sweden and Turkey. Find what's out there, surf secure and stay Rando!

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