Tuesday 11 August 2015

Freedom House Evaluates Internet Freedom Worldwide

Independent Watchdog Freedom House has categorized 65 countries as Free, Partly Free or Not Free in terms of their Freedom on the Net:

Freedom House, Freedom on the Net, Internet Freedom

Freedom House's interactive map and reports provide detailed explanations of where each country stands in terms of obstacles to internet access, limits on content and violations of user rights. For example:
  • Brazil: Free. 2014's Marco Civil Bill protects digital privacy and net neutrality, but cyberattacks remain an issue.
  • Nigeria: Partly Free. Cybercafes are required to maintain a database of registered users and individuals have been arrested for social media posts.
  • Iran: Not Free. Internet speeds are slow; Twitter and Facebook are blocked; and censorship and arrests for online activities are common.
The study acknowledges a trend towards increased government surveillance, censorship of free speech and pressure on independent news outlets.

Take a look; know your freedoms; and surf secure and stay Rando!

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