Friday 3 August 2012

MLB social media pages get hacked

Did you hear? New York Yankees’ all-star player Derek Jeter will miss the remainder of the season as he undergoes and recovers from “sexual reassignment surgery”.

O.K., not really, but that’s what his Twitter account said after it was hacked on Thursday. And the Yankees weren’t the only ones posting embarrassing messages; hackers tampered with the social media pages for the Chicago Cubs and White Sox, Washington Nationals, San Francisco Giants, and the San Diego Padres.

Fortunately, the teams were quick enough to take down the hacked posts only an hour after they went up.

The incident highlights anew the risks that can come along with using such social media sites and shows the importance of installing appropriate security measures to prevent such egg-on-the-face situations, says Ben Rothke, a New Jersey-based information security professional and author. "At the end of the day, breaches are inevitable," he says. "Which is why having good practices in place and incident management programs outlined that can quickly identify, and rectify the situation is important." [NetworkWorld]

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