Friday 24 August 2012

Hack a Mac for $60

That's right folks, the malware scene is getting hostile for Mac users. French anti-virus firm Integro reported the existence of a $60 piece of malware that targets Macs. To put that in perspective, another popular piece of Mac Malware called OSX/Crisis sells for about $200,000.

Many experts are pointing to the shockingly low price of the malware, called OSX/NetWeirdRC, as evidence that OS X specific threats are growing. On the other hand NetWeirdRC has also been found to have a programming bug that renders the software basically useless without modification.

"It would seem that you get what you pay for, even in the malware world."

But regardless of how dangerous or popular the malware is, the fact remains that cheap, commercially available malware is spreading and with it will come a rise in Mac-targeted attacks.

You can check out the full scoop on Integro's website.

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