Wednesday 25 July 2012

This power strip is actually a powerful hacking tool

Are you a professional spy/hacker/nerd? If so, we have a gadget for you! Disguised as an everyday power strip, the Power Pwn by Pwnie Express (take a moment here to enjoy the pwn puns) is actually a Linux-based computer stuffed with hacking software as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth antennas and dual Ethernet ports.

What’s that? Can it use cell networks? You bet! There’s an external 3G/GSM adapter for penetration over digital cell networks.

I took a moment and tried to come up with any legitimate use for this device, but came up with nothing. This is a hacking tool, pure and simple. Unless the owner is Ethan Hunt trying to break into the Kremlin’s databases, Power Pwn’s user is probably up to no good. That said, the idea is to quietly swap out an existing power strip for the Power Pwn strip. Since the Power Pwn is indeed a working power strip, your target shouldn’t even notice there’s a powerful hacking tool sitting under his desk.
Once in place, an attacker/penetration tester can communicate with the device via text message, sending command-line input via SMS, and establish an SSH secure shell session. It can then detect and launch attacks on any detected wired or wireless network or Bluetooth device. [Ars Technica]

Power Pwn is available for pre-order here.

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