Tuesday 5 April 2016

Farewell, SumRando Gold; Hello, Unlimited Data for 6 USD/Month

Our relocation to Mauritius brings exciting changes to our SumRando VPN plans and subscriptions. As of April 1, we have retired the SumRando Gold VPN plan. We will continue to offer our other three accounts:

  • Anonymous: 1GB, no registration required
  • Free: 1GB with email registration
  • Platinum: unlimited GB with registration and payment method

SumRando Cybersecurity, VPN, Anonymous, Free, Platinum

    All users with active Gold VPN plans will continue to have use of the Gold plan throughout their paid subscription period. Plans will then be automatically downgraded to our Free plan unless users choose to upgrade to Platinum. We are also introducing new Platinum VPN subscription terms, making unlimited data available for only 6 USD per month:

    • 1 month Platinum plan: 10 USD per month, billed every month
    • 6 month Platinum plan: 7 USD per month, billed every 6 months at 42 USD
    • 12 month Platinum plan: 6 USD per month, billed every 12 months at 72 USD

    All plan adjustments can be made via your account, but please contact us at support@sumrando.com with any questions or concerns.

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    SumRando Cybersecurity is a Mauritius-based VPN, Web Proxy and Secure Messenger provider. Surf secure and stay Rando! 

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