Thursday 24 January 2019

Internet darkness in Zimbabwe?

We don't even know what is going on in Zimbabwe anymore. Is the internet on? All of it? None of it? Some of it? Is it off in some regions but not others?

We know not all of it is working, as many Zimbabweans have reached out to us and thanked us for providing them with a means to access their favorite websites.

A court ordered access be restored, but has it been? Will it be? Will the government ignore the court order? Will the government stop detaining people simply because they oppose the Mnangagwa regime?

Protests are no excuse to shutdown the internet, violence or not. There is never an excuse to shutdown the internet.

Let's call this shutdown what it is: a power grab by President Mnangagwa as he continues to push Zimbabwe towards authoritarianism.

We're here for you, Zimbabwe, whatever happens. Get your free VPN download here, and unblock those websites.

For those of you outside of Zimbabwe, help us help them get the internet freedom they deserve. A subscription helps us keep offering free VPN to those who need it most.

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