Wednesday 3 January 2018

This Day in History - January 3

In this month named for Janus, the two faced Roman god who looked to the past and the future at the same time, so, too, do we look to the past and the future. Three rather meaningful events that relate to our work happened on this day.

🎂 1749 - Denmark's oldest continually operating newspaper, Berlingske, published its first issue.

Millennials probably don't remember when newspapers were a thing, but they were. Kind of fun to imagine what the founders of Berlingske would think if they saw their paper online today. They surely wouldn't be happy that journalists are too often targets for opponents of the pursuit of truth.

The first Apple computer with a homemade case.
🍎 1977 - Apple Computer, Inc. incorporated.

In the pre-pretty days of computers.

💰 2009 - Satoshi Nakamoto established the first block of Bitcoin.

Who Nakamoto really is remains a mystery. When the Bitcoin bubble will burst is also a mystery.

Do you think you could buy a subscription to Berlingske using Bitcoin on an Apple I? LOL. Well, no, those ancient computers didn't have enough RAM to run a dial-up modem. They only had 4 KB of memory.

As for the future, encryption is part of it. Presently, you can get it here.

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