Wednesday 6 August 2014

Cyber-exposed Thailand Prepares New Security Measures

It's no secret that Thailand lacks sufficient cyber infrastructure.  Rated third among the 10 worst countries for internet safety by UK security firm Sophos, Thailand experiences significant exposure to malware attacks.  Around 20.8% of PCs experience malware attacks in a span of three months.  To put that figure in perspective, the safest countries (Norway, Sweden, and Japan) range from 2.6 to 1.8%, and the most dangerous country (Indonesia) is only a little higher than Thailand at 23.5%.  Research has shown the country is additionally susceptible to ATM-related and government cyber attacks. (Needless to say, Thailand is somewhere you would want to use a VPN.)

Surangkana Wayuparb, Director of Thailand's
Electronic Transactions Development Agency
Thailand made headlines this week when Surangkana Wayuparb, the country's Director of Electronic Transactions Development Agency, addressed the Regional Asia Information Security Exchange Forum in Bangkok.  Bangkok Post reports that Surangkana told those in attendance, "All these world records reflect that Thailand urgently needs to set up a national computer emergency response team (Cert) as a command centre to manage and collaborate on national cybersecurity threats and cyberwarfare... Cyberattacks pose a serious challenge to people at all levels, from end-users to enterprises and government agencies."

According the Bangkok Post:

“Surangkana said information security threats were no longer only technical dangers. They can have a major effect on the country's economy and national physical security. "Cyberattacks pose a serious challenge to people at all levels, from end-users to enterprises and government agencies,” Surangkana said… The ETDA [will] propose a national Cert to the junta. If approved, the ETDA expects a centre will be created by year-end. The creation of a national Cert is expected to upgrade the ETDA's existing computer emergency response team to a full national command centre, she said.”

Read more about Thailand's cybersecurity plans at Bangkok Post.

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