Friday 11 July 2014

Be the First to Use SumRando Messenger!

You send texts and other private message because what you're sharing with someone shouldn't concern anyone else.  If you wanted to share your thoughts with the world at large, you could post a Facebook status or tweet your thoughts for the public to read.  Unfortunately, your private messages can be vulnerable to others' interference without a secure messenger service.

Our new secure SumRando Messenger (Beta) is here to solve that problem.  SumRando Messenger (Beta) is a secure, real-time chat app that encrypts your digital messaging from your mobile device. With SumRando Messenger (Beta) you can chat freely with your friends without worry of your ISP, phone provider or government reading along ultimately freeing you from data misuse.

We recognize how omnipresent text-based messaging is users, and we have built a new app to help protect the information that was intended to be and remain private.  Your email and text invitations to your contacts stay between you and them.  SumRando Messenger does not interfere in this communication. 

SumRando Messenger is the Premiere Encrypted Messenger App

With our messenger app, all your messages and saved friend lists are encrypted, unlike other popular messaging apps.  No messages travel from phone to phone; they move through a secure SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) connection to our servers, where they're encrypted. The messages are then sent to the destination phone using Google's Cloud Messaging Service.  No one can see to whom you are sending data, not even Google, because of its encryption through our SumRando servers.  

SumRando Messenger (Beta) Features:
  • Standard texting features - text with your friends in real-time
  • Two forms of encryption (AES-256 and SSL) to keep your messages secure
  • No direct link between your phone number, device email address, or other identifying account; the decision on who you want to communicate with is strictly yours
  • The ability to invite others to secure conversations with you using SumRando Messenger (Beta) through email or SMS
  • Messages automatically deleted upon logout with only 10 messages stored (if you do not clear you conversation) stored for future conversational reference.

Getting Started with Sumrando Messenger (Beta) is Easy. 
  1. Click here to download the app. (Check out our SumRando Messenger FAQ with any questions.)
  2. Log in to your SumRando account or start an account, if you were not previously a member.  You and your contacts communicate through SumRando, which means you do not have to share your email address or phone number with anyone you're messaging.
  3. Invite your friends to download SumRando Messenger.
  4. Test out the app with your friends (still currently in beta.  
  5. Tell us what you think!

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