Monday 22 July 2013

Experts Say Non-U.S. VPNs Provide Better Protection

CSO Online published an awesome piece pointing out that non-U.S.-based VPNs (like SumRando) can provide an edge in protecting your information from surveillance programs.
Foreign VPNs can make snooping more difficult for U.S. government agencies because the service providers are immune from the Patriot Act. If the provider does not keep any logs on its subscribers, then collecting data would be even more difficult. [CSOOnline]
Did I mention that SumRando never keeps logs?
Remember, a VPN works by encrypting all of the information coming and going from your computer. So even if an agency like the NSA were to intercept that data stream, all they’d have is a bunch of heavily garbled content that could take years to decrypt.
The problem with American-based VPNs, as the article points out, is that they are subject to American laws like the PATRIOT Act that could require them to turn over user information. In that case, any encryption would be rendered useless because the company could turn over plain-text records.

A solid VPN along with updated anti-virus software and strong passwords should act as the foundation of every web user’s privacy and security arsenal. SumRando VPN offers 10 GB of service for free and never logs your data. Why not give us a try?

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