Friday 24 May 2013

When Should You Use a VPN?

Here at SumRando, we keep our VPN on pretty much all the time. What can we say, we can’t say no to a little one-click security. And we advise you do the same. That said, there are times when you should use a VPN and there are times when you need to use one. So we thought we’d put together of a list of instances when a VPN is absolutely awesome!

Beating Censors

Live or work in a place that blocks certain web content with filters? Get around those filters with a VPN. When you connect to our network, instead of using your default IP address, all your data is rerouted through our servers and assigned a new IP address. Nobody can tell what you’re viewing or where you're from and nothing is off limits.

Public Wi-Fi

We love caf├ęs. And not just because we’re caffeine addicts. It’s a great way to get out of the house or office and get stuff done. And what’s better than free internet access? Unfortunately, that free Wi-Fi is about as safe as a seal in Shark Alley. Any idiot with a laptop can download a simple program and watch everything you’re doing. Don’t be the seal. When you use our VPN, all your data is encrypted and hidden in a secure VPN tunnel.

Online Banking

Your money is important to you — make sure it’s safe. Banking online without a VPN is kind of like leaving a briefcase full of cash in your car. Sure, the car might be locked, but how hard would it really be to smash a window and grab that cash? Lock up that connection with a VPN and make sure you're not buying some hacker a new monitor.

Accessing Remote Content

This is one of our favorite VPN features. Some content like Hulu is only available to people in certain countries. If you want to catch up on your favorite shows, move your IP address to the country you want and hit connect. You might be sitting at home in Cairo, but the sites you visit will think you’re in New York.


Traveling is awesome. Trying to get things done online while traveling is not. Whether you’re banking, streaming movies, or logging into your favorite site, appearing as if you never left your home country will make your life much easier. Since our VPN reroutes your connection, all you have to do is click on the server you want and you’re good to go for hassle-free surfing from anywhere.

Remember, there’s never a bad time to use a VPN. Whether you’re banking, streaming, sitting at a coffee shop, or traveling the globe, make sure your data is safe.

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