Tuesday 26 February 2013

Donald Trump’s Twitter Account Hacked. Tweets only slightly crazier than usual.

Every day, we at SumRando work hard to make sure none of our subscribers are victims of data theft or hacking. We are truly passionate about internet security and are, on principal, opposed to any type of cracking, hacking, or any other kind of digital compromise.

But let’s be honest. Donald Trump tweeting rap lyrics is just funny.

The lyrics are from Lil’ Wayne’s verses in the will.i.am song Scream & Shout. Fortunately for The Donald, the hack was short lived and he quickly regained control of his account.

At which point he decided to direct his anger at Twitter.

Or maybe you should just use a decent password...
No information is currently available that explains exactly how his account was hacked. The most likely scenario is a weak password or the same password used on multiple sites. USE STRONG PASSWORDS, PEOPLE! But we should all be glad the hack wasn’t worse.

What if the compromised account offered links to scam sites under the guise of a contest or giveaway? Most people wouldn’t think twice to trust a link on the feed of a high-profile celebrity.

Just a reminder to always stay vigilant. 

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