Thursday 11 October 2012

Kaspersky says 42% of laptop owners use their computers for both work and personal tasks

Sometimes it feels like we just don't really need that much security. After all, what do I care if Joe Hacker gets ahold of my photo albums or iTunes collection? Unfortunately, most of us also use our computers for things like online banking and other tasks involving sensitive data.

But a new survey conducted by the security gurus at Kaspersky says that 42% of users use their laptops for both work and play.
This is you giving away all your sensitive work info.
The survey shows that 27% of Apple owners and 25% of other laptop owners use their mobile devices for work. A personal laptop which is not reliably protected from cyber-threats as well as a corporate laptop used for personal purposes could cause a leak of confidential company data. If compromised, a personal device used for work can cause problems across the entire corporate network. [ITNewsAfrica]
And sadly, too many people apply their concepts of personal security to work.

But there is good news. First, most companies have some level of required security. Although we've seen about a bajillion instances of this being compromised or insufficient, it's something. Second, there are excellent options available to secure your personal devices to make them safe for work-related material.

Clearly, the best option here, is a good VPN. As I've said, probably a thousand times now, a solid VPN is the best line of security available to prevent cybercrime. Feel the urge to upload sensitive work documents to a company server via an unsecured WiFi connection? While surrounded by a platoon of hackers? Go for it.

A VPN like SumRando will encrypt absolutely everything coming out of your computer. So next time you want to email your medical records, or chat with your boss, think about doing it safely and securely with SumRando.

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